• Gurupeyarchi Mahayagam!!!

  • "Pundit" Kaazhiyur Narayanan Being Honoured

  • Justice T.N.Vallinayagam Being Honoured

Highlights of the CEREMONY

About Us

AUAN Trust is an organization started to render services related to spirituality for the welfare of all the people of this palnet - Mother Earth.

This Trust organises Homams, Special Rectifications ( Parikaram's), Poojas, Graha Dhosha Nivarthi Poojas for the welfare of the individuals concerned as well as the entire world, In accordance with the Shastras.

The Hindu dharma provided for propitiating the almighty, among other things, in three ways. 1. Uruva Vazhipaadu ( Deity Worship in various manifestation ) 2. Aruva Vazhipadu ( Worshipping the god without any formation ). 3. Aruvuruva Vazhipadu ( Combination of the first two types ). This Trust Advocates Aruvuruva Vazhipadu consisting of worshipping the YANTRA's which have been fortified with the mantras pretaining to the gods in a particular form.

Why Us

We at AUAN TRUST, offer parikara yagams to propitiate the palnets GURU (Jupiter), SANI (Saturn) and RAHU-KETHU at the time of transit of the respective planet from one rasi (Zodiac Sign) to another.

AUAN TRUST extends Financial Assistance, to the extent possible, to the ancient temples which do not have means to high the temple and perform "HAARATHI" to the presiding deity.

Understanding the necessary poojas, Homams, and etc., in accordance with the sastras at the respect of individuals.